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Definitions "the Contract" - the booking confirmation and these terms and conditions "the Agent" - Wyldsoundisco & Event Services "the Client" - the client named overleaf "the Artiste" - the artiste named overleaf "the Venue" - the performance venue named overleaf "the Engagement" - the performance engagement detailed overleaf The following terms should be read prior to making any booking with Wyldsoundisco & Event Services. The term "Client” refers to the person/venue making the booking. The term "artist" refers to the entertainer that is booked by the client. The Term "Wyldsoundisco & Event Services " refers to the agency and any individuals associated with it. 1. The client understands that the artist supplied by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services is not employed by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services and as such Wyldsoundisco & Event Services and any individuals associated with your party disco are not liable for issues or disputes of any description including tax issues or bills, financial disputes, legal disputes or issues that may arise from any booking made through your party disco. 2. All booking fees owed to Wyldsoundisco & Event Services must be paid in advance by the client. The client agrees that booking fees and deposits are non-refundable if the event is postponed or cancelled by the client for any reason. Any and all outstanding balances are to be paid directly to the artist as required by them. The balance of the total sum due to be paid by the client to the service provider (being the total fee specified on the booking agreement less the amount of any initial payment made) must be received by the service provider thirty (30) days prior to the date of the event by one of the following methods: a. BACs (Bank Transfer) b. Any personalized electronic invoice that we may send c. Telephone payments d. Chip & Pin for face to face payments 3. The client agrees to provide the artist attending the event light refreshments (soft drinks) throughout the period of attendance at no cost. Where the artist is at the venue for a period greater than 6 hours, the client agrees to provide food at no cost. 4. The artist shall provide their own equipment (unless otherwise stated by the client) which shall be of a high standard and is well maintained and PAT tested. However no liability can be accepted by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services for any unforeseen failure of any equipment, failure of electrical supply or for any problems arising from the equipment that is used by the artist. Nor will Wyldsoundisco & Event Services or persons associated with Wyldsoundisco & Event Services be liable for any damages, financial losses or injury to persons caused due to the equipment (electrical or otherwise) supplied by the artist. 5. The client/venue must provide an electrical supply meeting, or exceeding British Standards where electrical equipment is to be used as part of a performance. The client is responsible for ensuring that a safe and adequate performance space is available for the artist and failure to provide this may result in the artist being unable to proceed with the performance. Failure to perform due to electrical, safety or space issues will result in the client being responsible for full payment of any outstanding monies to the artist. 6. The artist will endeavour to arrive in good time to set up any equipment and start the performances at the time agreed by the client. However, no liability can be accepted by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services for any circumstances where the artist is delayed for any reason. 7. The client will ensure that a loading/unloading space will be provided for the artists vehicle for a period no less than 20 minutes without risk of a parking fine. 8. In the unlikely event that the artist is unable to attend the event due to illness or physical disability, Wyldsoundisco & Event Services will endeavour to provide a replacement act of the same quality at no additional cost unless the client requests a specific artist that charges a higher rate than the original artist. Wyldsoundisco & Event Services will repay the client any booking fees received in the event of the artist failing to attend the event unless another artist is provided as a replacement. Any additional funds that may have been paid by the client directly to the non-attending artist must be repaid by said artist directly. 9. The client agrees to pay a cancellation fee to the artist in the event that a booking is cancelled. If the client wishes to cancel the booking prior to the performance date, they agree to be bound by the following scale of charges. 0 - 30 days (100%) 31 - 60 days (75%) 61 - 90 days (50%) Beyond the booking fee, all financial matters remain with the artist and the client and as such, Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not liable for loss of earnings or any expenses that the artist may incur due to cancellations. The artist agrees that Wyldsoundisco & Event Services and any individual associated with Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not liable for any cancellation fees if bookings are cancelled for any reason. Where Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are the client the artist agrees that the above scale of charges do not apply and if available, another date may be offered to the artist. Please note that all cancellations must be received by your party disco in writing without exception. Verbal / voice mail cancellations will not be accepted. 10. Wyldsoundisco & Event Services will charge a booking fee equivalent to an agreed percentage of the artists fee. Booking fees are non-refundable unless the booking is cancelled by the artist and no suitable replacement is found. 11. The client and the artist agrees that the artist that is booked will not perform for the client following this booking for a period of no less than thirteen months unless the artist is booked through Wyldsoundisco & Event Services The thirteen month period will commence from the date of the last performance booked. A fee of 15% of the earnings paid to the artist will be charged to either the client or the artist if this term is not adhered to. 12. The client understands that the artist is responsible for providing their own public liability insurance, PAT certificates and any other legally required documentation. It is the responsibility of the client to ask for proof of any such documentation. The client acknowledges that Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not responsible for any such documentation that the artist are required to provide and that Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not liable for non-provision of any such requirements. 13. Force Majeure. In the event of the Performance having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of either the client or Wyldsoundisco & Event Services, then neither party will have responsibility to the other for any loss suffered thereby. For the avoidance of doubt no fee will be payable by either party in respect of performances cancelled by force majeure. 14. All confirmed bookings (written or verbal) stipulates that the client and the artist agrees to these terms and conditions and as such is legally bound by them. 15. Extension of Service The performance will commence and terminate at the times stated on the contract. There are licensing laws and restrictions that do not allow any performances to exceed the performance end time. Furthermore it is a public liability insurance condition not to exceed past the time stated on the contract. In doing so may invalidate my insurance policies even though the venue may have a license that exceeds the performance time stated on the contract Any request to extend the performance time must be made prior to the performance date. A new contract will be issued and all previous contracts will become null and void. 16. Location of equipment The service providers working position must not obstruct any emergency exit route and there must be enough space for the service provider to work in safety and comfort. The service provider cannot be set up on a portable / temporary dance floor, uneven surfaces and or wet surfaces. 17. Unacceptable or threatening behaviour. The service provider and the service provider’s staff expect all guests to behave reasonably and will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour. If unacceptable behaviour is displayed by guests the service provider will request that this stops immediately and, failing this, the service provider will expect the client to take reasonable steps to make the guests dissuade this behaviour or ask them to leave. If the service provider still believes that the service provider and or its staff or equipment to be under threat the service provider will have no choice but to terminate the performance and any related services without warning or compresence. 18. Stolen, Damaged, Broken Equipment Should any equipment be stolen or damaged during the event and the client or the clients guests are at fault. It is agreed that the client will pay for the repair and or replace the stolen or damaged equipment after substantial quotes have been supplied by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services. 19. Unattended equipment Under no circumstances will the service provider leave any equipment unattended. Early set up’s requested by the client will necessitate a member of the service providers staff to remain present at all times. In the event that equipment is unattended - it is prohibited for anyone to use / attempt to use or tamper with any of the unattended equipment in any way. We will not be held responsible for any failure of equipment resulting from tampering from third parties.
20. Special Effects The service provider cannot be held responsible for the way some people may be affected by strobe lighting or any other lighting, sound, haze or any other effect that may be used, however the service provider will take every reasonable precaution and only use these effects under strict guidelines and in accordance with health and safety legislation and manufactures guide lines. The service provider will not use or will cease continued use of these effects or enhancements by request of the client or venue management. 21. Venue Restrictions The service provider cannot be held responsible for non use of equipment or services that the venue management forbids the service provider to use. Nor can the service provider be held responsible for non use of equipment or services that would be deemed unsafe or pose a risk to health and safety including but not limited to sloped, sprung or uneven surfaces. We must be made aware of any restrictions that prevent us from loading and unloading directly at the venue. We cannot carry equipment any distances other than the curbside or loading bay of the venue. No refunds will be made for any non performance or service due to non disclosure of such restrictions. 22. Pre Performance Times Please be aware that we require a minimum of 1 hour is required for rigging a standard set up and up to 2 hours for the larger packages. A further minimum of hour is required to dismantle and load the equipment into the service providers vehicle. This must be taken into account when planning any arrangements. The area must be kept clear from guests whilst setting up and dismantling. We will be setting up heavy overhead equipment, live electric cables and other hazards that are a risk to public. We will not be held responsible for not being able to set up any equipment due to guests being in the vicinity and deemed a health and safety hazard. A. The service provider will not be held responsible for any venue restrictions imposed on the service provider before, during or the end of the performance unless the service provider is at fault. (Examples of such restrictions include but not limited to, refusal of entry to the venue for a period of time, ordered by the venue’s management to end the performance earlier than the agreed time) b. In the event of a sound limiter present at the venue. The service provider will try it’s up most to keep the sound level optimised in order to minimise disruption to the clients event. However, the service provider will not be held responsible for partial or full loss of the performance due to power outages or equipment failure/s caused by the venues equipment which is beyond the service provider’s control. The service provider strongly advises clients to choose a venue without such restrictions. Guests singing, applauding, or shouting will directly impact the music volume level. C. The service provider will not be held liable for any power outages not caused by the service provider preventing the part or full performance at the venue. D. Any delayed set up time and subsequent delayed start time due to the overrun of any prior proceeding, or of any situations outside of the service providers control will not warrant any extension of the stated performance time or any fee reduction. Such situations may include, but are not limited to, event over- running, poor access, room clearing, and dance floor preparation. E. Please allow more time to allow for set up and dismantling if you choose to add additional extras to your entertainment package. 23. Media From time to time the service provider may take photographs or short video clips at events. Unless expressly forbidden by the client, the client is deemed to agree to such photographs and video clips being taken and for such media being used as the service provider sees fit in the furtherance and promotion of the business of the Service Provider. However the service provider makes assurances that any images of children will never be published and will be immediately destroyed. All images will also be sent to the client as a memento of the occasion. 24. Health & Safety A. Any function room other than the ground and first floor must have an accessible elevator designed for the use of goods. The client must make the service provider aware if the function is on any level other than the ground floor. B. Bookings will NOT be honoured if carrying of equipment involves spiral stair cases or emergency escapes. C. Some equipment cannot be carried up steps. The service provider offers no assurances that all the requested or paid for add ons will be used or provided in the event that it is deemed unsafe to carry this equipment up stairs. 25. Marquees The service provider will send the client the service provider’s requirements to give to the client’s marquee company, but are outlined below. A. Mains Power In order to comply with the “Electricity at Work” regulations, all electrical installations must be carried out by a competent electrician. Improper use of electricity can kill and it is important that it is supplied safely. Power to the service provider’s area must be supplied either by two separate 13A standard UK 3-pin sockets. These must be clean and not shared with other loads such as kitchen equipment or marquee lighting. A full 13A must be delivered to each socket provided. If supplying power from another building or property please make sure that the cable is IP44-rated for outdoor use and is not shared with other electrical devices in that property. Any generator used to supply power must be capable of producing a regulated supply of 230v +/- 10 volts at a frequency of 50hz.The service provider always uses RCD’s to protect the service provider and the service provider’s equipment before connecting to any supply. B. The service provider will not be held liable for any power failure or power related issues that prevent the use of any equipment or the loss of part or full performance. C. The Service Providers Area This is dependent on the size of the marquee however the service provider would require a clear area no less than 3m away from any marquee wall and 4m wide with a minimum height of 3m. The service provider can NOT set up on a dance floor that will be shared with the client’s guests, or put the service provider’s equipment on bare grass or cardboard. The area the service provider is allocated in must be flat (not on a slope), sheltered and dry. Setting up equipment on ground that slopes or is bumpy poses a serious safety risk to everyone at the party. D. If the ground is damp, or there is a risk that the ground may become damp, then the client must provide an elevated area at least 2 inches high exclusively for the service provider’s use. The service provider will not allow equipment to be used on a damp or wet floor. 26. Marquees and Weather Conditions Please note the following continuation terms. a. The ground leading to and surrounding the marquee must be solid. (Not muddy) The service provider will NOT drive, attempt to drive, or carry heavy equipment over soft ground that poses a risk to our transportation and the service provider’s safety. b. A temporary road system must be laid over the land and an allocated space must be provided in the direct vicinity of the marquee. c. The area inside the marquee must be dry. Water inside the marquee poses a serious health and safety risk. d. Following heavy, or persistent rainfall, the performance area must be elevated at least 2 inches from the ground and must be exclusively for the service provider’s use. e. If weather conditions deteriorate during the performance, the service provider reserves the right to end the performance early if the service provider feels there is a serious risk to our vehicle, equipment and safety to the service provider and others. f. If the marquee’s RCD power supply trips more than 3 consecutive times within a 30 minute period, the service provider will terminate the performance under electricity at work regulations. Any attempt to tamper with the RCD or any other part of the distribution board will result in immediate termination of the performance. RCD’s are designed for protection to life and property. Any attempt to interfere with the normal working of the RCD poses a serious risk of injury, fire or death. g. The service provider will not be held responsible nor is it the service provider’s responsibility for power outages or power failures caused by equipment, cables or generators not supplied by the service provider preventing partial or full performance. h. If the met office issues a RED weather warning ( significant risk to life ) in the direct vicinity on the date of the performance, the service provider will NOT attempt to deliver services or performances under any circumstances. The service provider will issue an immediate full refund to the client. Rest assured that the service provider will do everything possible to ensure that the service provider carry out full performance during the client’s event. However the service provider will not compromise on the service provider’s well-being and safety, as well as the service provider’s obligation to the safety of others. 27. Outdoor Events / Ceremonies If your event and or ceremony is outdoors then the following must be adhered to : a. A 16 amp IP44 socket must be provided delivering a full 220 - 240v within 5 metres of the performance area. b. An adequate shelter must be provided to withstand protection against water / direct sunlight c. If the weather forecast predicts rain. has been raining or looks like rain then we cannot set up any electrical equipment outdoors regardless of the above. d. No compenence or refund will be given for failure to comply with the above requirements resulting in non performance in part or full by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services. Safety is our priority and will not be compromised. 29. Agreement Upon signing this agreement, the client agrees that they have read, understood and adhere to the terms of this agreement. The client also agrees and acknowledges that the information provided on this agreement is correct and the venue unless stated on the contract is not in a temporary building outdoors or marquee, or the event is not held on a floor other then ground level unless stared on the notes section of this agreement.
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