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Definitions "the Contract" - the booking confirmation and these terms and conditions "the Agent" - Wyldsoundisco & Event Services "the Client" - the client named overleaf "the Artiste" - the artiste named overleaf "the Venue" - the performance venue named overleaf "the Engagement" - the performance engagement detailed overleaf The    following    terms    should    be    read    prior    to    making    any    booking    with    Wyldsoundisco    &    Event Services. The term "Client” refers to the person/venue making the booking. The term "artist" refers to the entertainer that is booked by the client. The Term "Wyldsoundisco & Event Services " refers to the agency and any individuals associated with it. 1. The client understands that the artist supplied by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services is not employed by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services and as such Wyldsoundisco & Event Services and any individuals associated with your party disco are not liable for issues or disputes of any description including tax issues or bills, financial disputes, legal disputes or issues that may arise from any booking made through your party disco. 2. All booking fees owed to Wyldsoundisco & Event Services must be paid in advance by the client. The client agrees that booking fees and deposits are non-refundable if the event is postponed or cancelled by the client for any reason. Any and all outstanding balances are to be paid directly to the artist as required by them. 3. The client agrees to provide the artist attending the event light refreshments (soft drinks) throughout the period of attendance at no cost. Where the artist is at the venue for a period greater than 6 hours, the client agrees to provide food at no cost. 4. The artist shall provide their own equipment (unless otherwise stated by the client) which shall be of a high standard and is well maintained and PAT tested. However no liability can be accepted by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services for any unforeseen failure of any equipment, failure of electrical supply or for any problems arising from the equipment that is used by the artist. Nor will Wyldsoundisco & Event Services or persons associated with Wyldsoundisco & Event Services be liable for any damages, financial losses or injury to persons caused due to the equipment (electrical or otherwise) supplied by the artist. 5. The client/venue must provide an electrical supply meeting, or exceeding British Standards where electrical equipment is to be used as part of a performance. The client is responsible for ensuring that a safe and adequate performance space is available for the artist and failure to provide this may result in the artist being unable to proceed with the performance. Failure to perform due to electrical, safety or space issues will result in the client being responsible for full payment of any outstanding monies to the artist. 6. The artist will endeavour to arrive in good time to set up any equipment and start the performances at the time agreed by the client. However, no liability can be accepted by Wyldsoundisco & Event Services for any circumstances where the artist is delayed for any reason. 7. The client will ensure that a loading/unloading space will be provided for the artists vehicle for a period no less than 20 minutes without risk of a parking fine.
8. In the unlikely event that the artist is unable to attend the event due to illness or physical disability, Wyldsoundisco & Event Services will endeavour to provide a replacement act of the same quality at no additional cost unless the client requests a specific artist that charges a higher rate than the original artist. Wyldsoundisco & Event Services will repay the client any booking fees received in the event of the artist failing to attend the event unless another artist is provided as a replacement. Any additional funds that may have been paid by the client directly to the non-attending artist must be repaid by said artist directly. 9. The client agrees to pay a cancellation fee to the artist in the event that a booking is cancelled. If the client wishes to cancel the booking prior to the performance date, they agree to be bound by the following scale of charges. 0 - 30 days (100%) 31 - 60 days (75%) 61 - 90 days (50%) Beyond the booking fee, all financial matters remain with the artist and the client and as such, Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not liable for loss of earnings or any expenses that the artist may incur due to cancellations. The artist agrees that Wyldsoundisco & Event Services and any individual associated with Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not liable for any cancellation fees if bookings are cancelled for any reason. Where Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are the client the artist agrees that the above scale of charges do not apply and if available, another date may be offered to the artist. Please note that all cancellations must be received by your party disco in writing without exception. Verbal / voice mail cancellations will not be accepted. 10. Wyldsoundisco & Event Services will charge a booking fee equivalent to an agreed percentage of the artists fee. Booking fees are non-refundable unless the booking is cancelled by the artist and no suitable replacement is found. 11. The client and the artist agrees that the artist that is booked will not perform for the client following this booking for a period of no less than thirteen months unless the artist is booked through Wyldsoundisco & Event Services The thirteen month period will commence from the date of the last performance booked. A fee of 15% of the earnings paid to the artist will be charged to either the client or the artist if this term is not adhered to. 12. The client understands that the artist is responsible for providing their own public liability insurance, PAT certificates and any other legally required documentation. It is the responsibility of the client to ask for proof of any such documentation. The client acknowledges that Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not responsible for any such documentation that the artist are required to provide and that Wyldsoundisco & Event Services are not liable for non-provision of any such requirements. 13. Force Majeure. In the event of the Performance having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of either the client or Wyldsoundisco & Event Services, then neither party will have responsibility to the other for any loss suffered thereby. For the avoidance of doubt no fee will be payable by either party in respect of performances cancelled by force majeure. 14. All confirmed bookings (written or verbal) stipulates that the client and the artist agrees to these terms and conditions and as such is legally bound by them.
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